Discovering San Sebastián 

San Sebastián is in the north west of Spain in the Basque region. It is a city with  several beaches right on its doorstep. What more could you ask of a city?

Where I slept

I stayed at Camping Igueldo for 7 nights. This is a campsite at the top of a hill looking over the city. There is a bus which goes between the campsite and the city every 30 minutes and runs to midnight in the summer months.

Where I ate

I spent most nights wandering from one pintxos bar to another. Pintxos (pronounced pinchos) are like tapas. I was told the locals tend to eat one
dish in one bar, then move onto the next and have another dish in another pintxos bar. So that is what I did! There is an amazing array of pintxos bars in the old town so moving around form bar to bar is a great way to see the old town and sample the local cuisine. Here are some of the pintxos bars I would recommend:

Bar Sport, Calle Fermin Calbeton

Borda Berri, Calle  Fermin Calbeton

Bar Zeruko, Calle Pescaderia

Gandarias Jatetxea, Calle 31 de Agosto

What I did

During the day I spent time at the beach when it was sunny. The beaches are busy but this isn’t suprising in the height of summer.

There are two mounts on each side of the city, Mount Igueldo and Mount Urgull, which you can climb to the top of and enjoy the view. Highly recommended if you like taking photos.

If you want to exercise your credit card, there are plenty of shops about and if you have access to a car, drive down to the Garbera shopping centre for a look around.

Here are some of the photos I took during my trip…


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