Favourite brand of 2016: Urban Veda

Throughout 2016 I tried a range of skincare products thanks to my LoveLula beauty box subscription. Whilst so many of the products I tried were really good, I have only repurchased one brand. Urban Veda I tried their facial wash, facial polish and day cream in four different ranges. Whilst some ranges suited me better than others, they were all great products. Not sure what range … Continue reading Favourite brand of 2016: Urban Veda

Liebster award nominations

I am so grateful to have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the gorgeous piyuaichan after having only posted two blogs! What an amazing welcome to the bloggers world. For those of you who may not have come across the Liebster Award before, it is a way to recognise and promote new up and coming blogs of a good standard with less than 200 followers. The idea … Continue reading Liebster award nominations