Product review: Morphe Monthly Brush Club

If you love makeup brushes and want to expand your collection but don’t want to spend hundreds doing it, you might want to try the Morphe Monthly Brush Club. Let me give you the details….

The subscription costs $19.99 a month (postage is extra – I pay $7 a month) and you receive a package each month from Morphe. Each package has a selection of different brushes. You don’t get the same amount of brushes each month, it varies. So, is this the subscription for you?

For starters, is this subscription good value for money? I’ve been subsribed since December 2015 and have received four packages so far. To give you an idea on what you are getting for your money, I have made a list of the brushes received each month and how much the brushes retail for on the Morphe website:

December 2015

M439 – Deluxe Buffer (synthetic) $13.99

M140 – Chisel Deluxe Dome (sable) $12.99

M601 – Soft Fan (badger) $4.99

M160-1/60 – Angled Taklon Liner (synthetic) $1.99

Total retail value of the December 2015 subscription $33.96

Saving of $13.97

January 2016

M209 – Chisel Pointed Fluff (sable) $2.99

M176 – Tapered blender (sable) $4.99

M167 – Oval Shadow (sable) $5.99

M173 – Mini Buffer (synthetic) $4.99

M135 – Oval Shadow (sable) $2.99

M200 – Deluxe Crease (sable) $2.99

M215 – Brow (synthetic) $1.99

M217 – Bent Liner (synthetic) $2.99

Total retail value of the January 2016 subscription $29.92

Saving of $9.93

February 2016

M495 – Duo Deluxe Fan (synthetic & sable) $9.99

M334 – Mini Angled Buffer (synthetic) $5.99

M333 – Chisel Shader (sable) $3.99

M165 – Angle Liner/ Brow (synthetic) $2.99

M224 – Oval Camouflage (synthetic) $2.99

M218 – Blending Fluff (sable) $2.99

M169 – Round  Crease (sable) $2.99

Total retail value for February 2016 $31.93

Saving of $11.94

March 2016

M527 – Deluxe Pointed Powder (goat) $15.99

M438 – Pointed Contour (sable) $9.99

M501 – Pro Pointed Blender (sable) $7.99

Total retail value of the March 2016 subscription $33.97

Saving of $13.98

 As you can see, you save between $10 to $14 each month (not taking postage into account) which is pretty good value. But what about the quality of the brushes?

I have sensitive skin, particularly my face. Now when I say sensitive, I mean sensitive. Pretty much anything touching my face brings me out in a rash that is sore, itchy and red. Over the years I’ve had rashes from face creams, cleansers, makeup brushes, makeup, plasters, kissing the cheeks of men with stubble, to name but a few.

All of the face brushes are so soft, regardless of the bristle type. To date, I have had no reaction to any of the Morphe brushes. If you do have sensitive skin like me and struggle finding brushes that are gentle on your face, I really recommend trying one of the brushes I have listed above. The fluffy blending brushes for applying eyeshadow are also super soft which makes blending using the windscreen wiper motion so easy.

The only issue you may have with the subscription service from Morphe is that the brushes you receive are a mix of synthetic and non-synthetic brushes. Morphe do have an extensive synthetic brush range which is worth checking out. My favourite so far is the M429 Deluxe Buffer – It applies foundation like a dream!

To find out more go to and check out the details of the subscription. Let me know what you think of the Morphe Monthly Brush Club if you are already subscribed.


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