Product review: LoveLula Beauty Box

I’m really interested in skincare products that are good for me. ‘Natural’, ‘cruelty free’ and ‘organic’ all spike my interest when reading about a product. There are thousands of different brands out there who make products that fall under these descriptions but they don’t have shops on your local high street. So how do we access these products?

In steps LoveLula who work with over 200 brands who fit in with LoveLula’s ethic of NO Parabens, NO SLS’s and NO animal testing. Sounds amazing, but with that many brands, where do you start?

The LoveLula Beauty Box. This is a monthly subscription which costs £12.50 per month on a monthly recurring basis. There are options to elect for a three month or a year subscription in advance. In each box you receive a varied selection of products from the brands they carry, some sample size and some full size. There are about six products in each box.

I subscribed in November 2015 and have been introduced to some products and brands which I had never heard of but have will definitely be buying in the future. So far I’ve received moisturisers, shampoo and conditioners, eyeliners, lip balms and face masks, to name a few. That’s an awful lot of products in only a few months!

I also had a great experience with LoveLula’s customer service team last year. My local postal service delivered my beauty box, in the run up to Christmas, in a plastic bag. The box was squashed flat and ripped, products were missing and the glass bottle in the box had been smashed and, of course, was empty. I emailed LoveLula to let them know what had happened as I was genuinely upset about it. I cannot describe the size of my smile when LoveLula sent me a response the same day saying they were sending another beauty box to replace it. Wow! To top that, the replacement arrived within a few days and in perfect condition. MuLove Lula Heart Favicon Instach love to LoveLula!

If you are interested, I recommend heading over to the ‘about us’ page of their website ( to find out more about them. I found LoveLula’s story both informative and inspiring. Remember, beauty is more than skin deep!


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