Product review: UrbanVeda Radiance Trio

This trio is another product from my trusty Lovelula beauty box. The sample size trio is made up of a facial wash (20ml), a facial polish (20ml) and a day cream (10ml) from the brand UrbanVeda. 

Some of the notable ingredients in the trio are turmeric, papaya, goji berry and liquorice, natural pumice, arjuna extract, Marigold and Coriander.

For those of you who haven’t heard of UrbanVeda, here is a little snippet from the Lovelula website about them:

Newly launched brand, UrbanVeda, has created four skincare ranges designed for 21st century skincare complaints. Founded on the ancient principles of Ayurveda, they are naturally formulated to provide for all skin types whilst factoring in the effects the environment, stress and dehydration play on skin health.

The first day I started using this trio, it was the evening and I had a full face of make up . Perfect time, I thought, to test out the Radiance Facial Wash to see if it could remove all my make up, mascara included. A pet peeve I have is when a facial wash  doesn’t remove your mascara. I don’t want to use one product to remove my mascara, then another to clean my face. Just one product please!

Insert drumroll here ……….. the facial wash completely removed by make up including mascara. Woohoo! I have tried this facial wash with different masacaras, including waterproof and everytime it has removed the mascara really well. This is a big yes for me for this product.

I have super dry skin generally but my t-zone has noticeable pores which get blocked so sometimes  can get oily. This facial wash did make my skin feel squeaky clean if a tiny bit tight, but not in a bad way.

As my skin is quite sensitive, I didn’t follow with the facial polish at this point but instead saved it for the morning. I used the Radiance facial polish each morning on make up free skin. The polish has quite fine grains which exfoliate your skin. The harder you rub, the more exfoliation you get so you can totally control how gentle or harsh the exfoliation is. I concentrated the exfoliation on my forehead, nose and chin where I tend to get lots of texture and bumps from my pores. I have to say that of the three products in this range, I have noticed the most benefit from the facial polish. It has really helped smooth out my skin and give it a lovely feel.

After using the facial polish in the morning, I moisturised using the Radiance day cream. I found it to be a medium consistency, as far as day creams go,  which I really liked as my skin is really dry. The cream absorbed into my skin pretty quickly which is great as it means you don’t have to sit around for half an hour before putting your make up on.

The scent for all three products, being generally the same as they are from the same range, was really lovely. Light, slightly floral, slightly herby, refreshing. Scent can be very personal and I’m not keen on heavily scented face products so I totally rated this Radiance range scent. Delish!

For those of you who are interested, the prices on the Lovelula website of the full size version of this trio are as follows:

Daily Radiance Facial Wash 150ml £11.99

Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish 125ml £12.99

Radiance Day Cream 50ml £18.99

I found this sample trio a great introduction to the brand and would happily try other products they make. If I had to choose one item out of the trio, it would definitely be the Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish. Promising results!


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