Product review: Balm Balm Rose floral water hydrosol

Bestill my beating heart! I can not stop spraying this on my face….all the time….all the tiiiiime!

So delicately and beautifully fragranced, lightly floral and a hint of sweetness. For those of you who are concerned about how floral this might smell, it is a far cry from your nanna’s favourite perfume. Rather, more like walking through a garden of roses. Just lovely.

The product has only one ingredient which is Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Distillate. Of course, it is organic as all Balm Balm products are. It is available in two sizes, 30ml at £7.50 and 100ml at £12.50.

Mist over clean skin as part of your facial routine for a gentle toner or simply as an all over freshener, natural perfume or ‘pick me up’ 

Perfect for dry or combination skins – Balm Balm website

I have dry/ combination skin depending on the weather  and how lazy I’ve been with my skincare routine. My skin is also super sensitive and I am prone to redness.  I have found the rose floral water quite soothing and gentle on my skin, which is probably why I keep spritzing it all over my face, every day, several times a day, you get the idea!

More than anything, I really do love the scent of the rose floral water which totally lifts my mood and is also super relaxing. Then I read the following:

The beautiful fragrance of Rose is soothing & balancing & is reputed to help you to love yourself and to dispel anger – Balm Balm website

Well bonus time. It’s good for your skin and good for your soul. What more could you wish for!


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